I Was Told There Would Be Cake: Works by Andee Rudloff

Posted: Jul 18, 12:04 AM

Studio East Nashville will feature artist Andee Rudloff on August 23rd!

Studio East Nashville is proud to feature the large expressionistic paintings of artist and muralist Andee Rudloff on the evening of Saturday, August 23rd. Prepare for a Willy Wonka-esque event as Rudloff’s sugary, artistic expressions brighten the summer night!

Originally from Bowling Green, KY, Andee Rudloff has over 15 years of experience working as a professional artist. Rudloff finds comfort in assembling her compositions outdoors and her works often relate to the environment in which they are created. Inspired by her creative mother and disciplined father, Rudloff’s portfolio of work is expansive. Her paintings are a part of many collections and her colorful murals can be found from downtown Bowling Green to the streets of East Nashville and beyond. Currently, Rudloff serves as the educator for outreach at the Frist Center for the Visual Art in Nashville, TN.

Holding true to the belief that we should never take a second for granted, one rarely sees Rudloff standing still. Rudloff often works with graphic design partner Stacey Irvin, on award-winning projects for a diverse list of clients. Rudloff has also collaborated with notable artists that include Judy Chicago and local talents Michael Aurbach, Don Evans, John Warren Oakes, William Golden and Byron Jorjorian. She has served as the Curator of the Arts at the Airport Foundation, Curator of the Johnny Cash Collection for CURB Records, Tour Coordinator of the At Home On Tour traveling exhibition and an artist in residence in Kentucky’s juvenile justice system.

Rudloff’s solo Studio East Nashville extravaganza will take place on August 23rd from 6-9pm.
Retro Bizarro MEGAMIX by DJ Jerserf
LIVE closing performance: the SWEET sounds of Dax Evans

The gallery will be open for visitors on Sunday, August 24th from 2-4pm.

Andee Rudloff’s web site: www.chicNhair.com